Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Future Pages

Hello, World~

Absence from the pages of my blog doesn't mean I have nothing left to say...  I've been devoted to education and inspiration for the past three weeks and now my time is starting to free up. 

I have plans to write about Marco Pierre White, 'The Essence of Cooking', The 'Mmmmmmmmmm in Umami', My Top 100 Restaurants, A 'Life of Food and The Mayan Calender', 'Why Eat Vegetables When You Can Have The Whole Hog', Staging and 'Guarding The Kitchen Mysteries'.... 

All of the above soon to be chapters in the Need to Feed.



Monday, September 3, 2012

The Words, The Risk & The Reward.

Words. Just Words. Out of the mouths of people who know the meaning of the words and understand the correlation between the words and the meaning!

Take a risk. Not a teen risk but a professional risk. Reap the rewards - they are far down the knowledge path. Just knowing the words and the meanings will not guarantee anything. 

What you want is what you earn. 'You CAN always get what you want', Mick Jagger.  Dedication, baby. Just do it...

Convocation & Orientation 2012. New students begin the journey down the unknown.  Finally, the abyss of ignorance is forded with learning and bound with knowledge. A life of expectations to conquer. There is no going back....

This is how life starts in Denver at JWU for nearly five hundred future Chefs, business leaders, innovators and Captains of industry.  At least those words are their hope...

Faculty begin the Convocation - a 'Calling Together'.  We've been convoked....
Excited Faculty...
The Parade of Knowledge.
 Families waiting for their children's mentors, leaders and Chefs.
 Through then portals into a new dimension...
 The Convocation.
 Faculty & Chefs.
 Freshmen.  The Class of 2016.
 Deans.  President Krakowsky.  Vice-President, Dean Wiscott
 Dean DelaTorre and the assembledge of Culinary, Nutrition and Baking & Pastry students...
 The view from the rafters.
 The first day of the rest of their lives....
'Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.' - Sir Winston Churchill, 1942