Friday, June 15, 2012

Restaurant Daniel - Notes & Observations - Part 3

My notes & observations on menu items I particularly enjoyed:

Le Menu

Cedar-Wrapped Red King Salmon with Stuffed Morels
I saw these cedar wraps in Chelsea market and also on other restaurant menus.  The salmon was wrapped in the cedat paper, charred and served in a large, square stone tablet-plate with hot stone-charcoal.  Pretty interesting for a French place...

Pan-Seared Black Cod
The black cod was cooked in a water bath and then sliced and pan-seared.  Not a lot of modernist gastronomy but a little to make it interesting....

Tasting of Rabbitt
The rabbitt was butchered with the saddle and flaptogether and the tenderloin and rack.  I liked how the addle was wrapped with the asparagus fricassee and then held inside aluminum foil and cooked in a cast iron pan.  Very moist and tender, retained all it's natural jus...

Roasted Liberty Farms Duck Breast, Poached Rhubarb, Spring Radishes, Glazed Turnips, Szechuan Pepper Jus
This was especially good, showing the understanding of Asian flavors in a classical kitchen.  The meat was especially moist, having been seared and pressed as a whole breast (both lobes, with the breast bone for flavor and cooked skin side down) in a cast iron pan.  Beautifully golden brown and the fat having fully rendered and flavored the meat...

Florida Frog Leg Fricassee with Asparagus
Crispy fried Frog Leg Lollipops....not really a fricassee in the classical sense, but incredibly tasty, those Grenouille.  Loved the Nettle-Green Peppercorn Jus....served with classically cut lemons!

Duck Terrine
I am a sucker for anything in aspic and this was stunning.  Great lines and colors, tasted great..

Maine Peekytoe Crab Salad
A stunning presentation utilizing a sand/daube crab...

Golden Ossetra Caviar
50g for $470.00 supplement....silver bowl in ice with wonderful carved Mother of Pearl spoons and Warm Blini Cakes.  There is a God...

Celebration of White Asparagus from Provence (actually from Austria)
Yeah, man...this rocked.  Pungent, warm Egg Dressing with Iberico Jamon and the sweet and bitter tones of the jumboroni asparagus spears....  Simple, elegant, delicious, sexy, classical.  Mmmm.

French Fries
Served in a fresh, white linen beggar's purse, as are the warm and fresh baked madeleines...

Saint Joseph - Rhone Valley
100% Syrah.  It appeared.  I enjoyed it.  And, another....

Goat, Brie, St. Andre, Gruyere, Epoisse.  Fresh baked Epi Breads, Jam and Creamery Butter.  Really....?  I can't believe I ate the whole thing.  Of course, I did....

The Espresso
     Golden demi-tasse.  Crema.  1 lump.  Aromatic bliss in a cup....
Chefs Daniel Boulud, Jean Francoise Bruel, Eddy Leroux and the entire staff did not disappoint from my vantage point at The Passe, in the kitchen, @ Restaurant Daniel in the heart of NYC....  Peace.


     It was particularly interesting that the Michelin Guide inspector was having dinner at Daniel on 8 June.  There was much running to and fro in the effort to please 'the man'.  There was also some discussion whether that actually was the inspector.  Was he, or wasn't he....?

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