Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Going out quietly after 24 years... R.I.P.

The French Manner was born in Estes Park, Colorado in February of 1988.  Even with a name change in 2008 to 12Seasons, this was always my baby...  Now, I just completed the last event for guests this past Saturday, 22 December 2012.  Time to put it to bed, pass the torch to a younger generation, write TFM Memoir Cookbook and dedicate myself to teaching the next generation about passion, dedication and the pursuit of perfection...

Need to thank everyone who ever worked with me.  I'll send out a listing someday, call it The French Manner Hall of Fame!

Here lies the last menu.  R.I.P.


Lobster Bisque Shooters / Sage & Lemon Ricotta Fritters / Butter Poached Lobster
Caesar Salad Lettuce Fingers / Parmigiano Reggiano / Croutons / Herb Oil / Anchovy Dressing
Potstickers & Gyoza  / XO Sauce / Scallions / Cilantro
Poached Chicken Mousse Quenelles / Peanut Sauce / Toasted Sesame Seeds / Chives
Thai Tuna Ceviche / Avocado Foam / Twice-Fried Plantain Crumble / Pickled Onions
Pork, Lamb & Beef Albondigas / Chipotle BBQ / Fried Onions
Grilled Quesadilla / Jack / Goat Cheese / Poblano Peppers / Ranchero Sauce
Belgian French Fries / Curried Mayonnaise

The French Manner Beignets / Powdered Sugar / Coffee Gelato
Petite Molten Chocolate Cakes / Sea Salt / Peanut Butter Powder ('Adult Reeses')
2-Bite Eclairs / Pastry Cream / Chocolate Ganache
Christmas Swans / Chocolate Mousse / Nutella Snow 

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