Saturday, April 28, 2012

Spring & Summer - 2012

Good Beautiful, Crisp, Clean, Sring Day, World!

So - The Boulder Country Dinner.  The Wisonsin Cheese Tour & Tasting.  Chicago - Alinea.  NYC - WD~50, Restaurant Daniel, Le Bernardin.  Virginia - The Inn @ Little Washington.  Honolulu - Chef Mavro.  What do all these places, restaurants and people have in common...?  Correct!  This is what I will be experiencing this spring and summer - all in the name of food education; to learn more about the people, chefs and food that make up the bushels of Gastronomy in America.  Ultimately, this helps my current students @ Johnson & Wales, my former students @ The Art Institute, my friends & guests at the table in the country @ The Boulder Country Dinner (next dinner is up and coming on the 12th of May, y'all...) and quintessentially, myself - how I see the world through food, kitchens, gardens, farms, dining rooms and saute pans... 

Call me @ 303.667.3768 to make a reservation for The Boulder Country Dinner.  See you in The Country.  Peace.

‘A Spring Tasting Menu…’

Herb * Potato * Asparagus * Fresh Hen's Egg * Rabbit * Grass-Fed Beef * Sheep's Milk * Garden Peas * Ricotta * Chevre * Chickens * Spring Lamb * Frais de Bois * Strawberry * Lobster * Suckling Pig * Mint * Ham * Foie Gras * Poussin * Veal * Rhubarb * Chocolate

…with a French accent!

Suprises & Treats on the Deck

with a Special-Cocktail-of-the-Evening…

'12Seasons Chevre, Parsley, Colorado Honeycomb, Backyard Greens'
'Pea Porridge, Pea Consomme, Mirepoix, Pea Butter Crouton, Fresh Hen's Egg'

'Lobster Ragout, Asparagus Salad, Potato Truffle Mille Feuille'

'Spring Leg of Lamb, Wild Lettuces, Triple-Fried Potato, Morels, Mustard Flowers'

'Suckling Pig, Spinach, Acorns, Walnuts'

'Pickled Rhubarb, Sheep's Milk Yogurt Sorbet, Salted Caramel'

Wine pairings to follow… Let me know if you have any specific food allergies or dislikes… Call me for additional information @ 303.667.3768. Send your remittance/check to:

Chef Robert N. Corey dba The French Manner & 12Seasons
P.O. Box 270487
Louisville, Colorado 80027

Upon receipt of payment, I will send you confirmation of your reservation and directions to the ‘Country House’. See you in the country!

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