Tuesday, May 29, 2012

'After Love, there is only Food...' - Trotter

Chef Charlie Trotter's eponymous restaurant closes on 17 August after a revolutionary 25 years of dining in Chicago.  His quote, above, on love vis-a-vis cuisine & food resonates as I dined a thousabd miles away on Clinton Street in WD~50.  Love satisfies us spirtually and emotionally and food satisfies us viscerally and emotionally.  The resultant Culinary Arts is the only Art that stimulates and satisfies all the senses...  There is a cross-over between Love and Food and all are talked and written about voraciously.  Ergo...there is nothing not to love about the food at WD~50. 

A friendly, knowledgeable, prompt and caring service staff are supplemented by the brigade of professional and passionately dedicated cooks and chefs in the kitchen.  The carefully planned execution of aroma and taste (read: 'flavor') and the requisite attractive plating is spot on.  The full tasting menu comes in @ $155.00 for the 13-or-so courses with a supplemental $85.00 charge for wine pairings.  One can sit at the communal bar, as I did, and order smaller versions of that feat as well. 
The menu is tremendous in it's whimsy and the collaborative thought put into it's flavor profile and presentation.  Clean and genuine are the words that continually coursed through my mind.  The familiar taste memories of American Cuisine, in particular my New England upbringing (the same as Chef Wylie Dufresne) were conjured up by my taste buds whilst devouring the menu last (Monday) evening. 

I was lucky enough to sit at the bar and enjoy the menu as well as the congienal and efffcicient service from a cadrae of professionals.  I stood at The Passe and watched the 'dance', something that I find so perfect and impressive.  I took pictures ('food porn').  I thanked the staff.  I smiled.  Sometimes the intimate knowledge of what it takes to create these experiecnes can be overwhelming...  I smiled again.  Bravo, Chef.  Bravo, the staff.  Thank you, thank you.  Peace.

What follows is the menu and my pictures:

wine pairing 85

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