Monday, May 28, 2012

'Blessed Are The Cheese Makers' - Wisconsin, USA

 Apiary ('The Bee Yard') @ Bleu Mont Dairy
 'Bloomin' Idiot'
 Young Bleu Cheese
 Needler for Bleu Cheese
 Bruce Workman @ Edelweiss Dairy
 Cave for Efinage @ Bleu Mont Dairy
 The Cave
 Milk Vats @ Cedar Grove / Bandage Wrapped Aged Cheddar
 Cheddar @ Bleu Mont Dairy
 Efinage @ Bleu Mont Dairy
 Cheese Curds
 Cheese Pressing
 Cheee Molds
 Cheese Pressing
 Trying the Gruyere @ Emmi Roth Kase
 Cheese Vat @ Hook Dairy
 Copper Gruyere Vat @ Edelweiss Dairy
 Holstein Cows @ Stauffacher Farm
 Cutting the Curds
 Dr. Loosen Riesling Spatlese Magnum
 Fontina & Gruyere Fondue
 Fondue Tasting
 Gruyere @ Emmi Roth Kase
 Limburger @ Chalet Cheese
 Limburger Efinage
 Limburger Stamp
 Milk Cans
 Brick Cheese Molds with Cheesecloth
 Moscato d'Asti
 Myron Olson
 'Our Home' for three days...
 Asparagus, Morel & Prosciutto Bread  with Fresh Farm Egg
 Cave-Aged Raw Sheep's Milk Cheese @ Bleu Mont
 Regi Hise @ Emmi Roth Kase
 Roelli Cheese
 Sid Cook @ Carr Valley
 Milking Shed @ Stauffacher Farm
 Stirring the Curds...
 Tiramisu 'Deconstructed' @ Emmi Roth Kase
 Tony Hook @ Hook Dairy
 Willy Lehner @ Bleu Mont Dairy
 Willy Lehner @ Bleu Mont
 Willy Lehner
 Raw Sheep's Milk Cheese
 Wisconsin Swiss Cheese
 Madison, Wisconsin - The Capitol @ night...
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