Saturday, August 11, 2012

La Grande Cuisine

Consider the following:  Shakespeare. Mozart.  Jesus of Nazareth.  Michelangelo.  Caruso.  Goethe.  Beatles.  Pele.  Lindbergh.  Magellen.  Babe Ruth.  Jefferson.  Buddha.  Marco Polo.  Baryshnikov.  Newton.  MLK, Jr.  The common thread from all the previous?  All are of great Legend, born into Genius and are culturally or historically Iconic.

As are A. Escoffier and his seminal work Le Guide Culinaire and following, F. Point, he of Ma Gastronomie and chef-patron of perhaps the greatest restaurant ever, Restauarnt de la Pyramide, in Viennes, France.  Such is the status of  La Grande Cuisine or Classical French Cuisine as the timeless standard-bearer of Gastronomy.  I yearn to learn...  Time to get my francophile on....

Georges Auguste Escoffier

Fernand Point

There will be a stream of dishes coming from me, through and from the two greatest chefs in our history.  Our family tree somewhere and somehow intertwines and the branches that have sprouted myself and others live on and are rooted in their work.  Peace.


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