Monday, August 13, 2012


Reflections & Ruminations in this time of my life.

The quotations and ideas below are not my words, my visions or my ideas.  However, when I use them on a daily basis, in a class or on paper or even in my mind, they become my words and my thoughts.  Cooking and food revolve, spin and weave through each of the following thoughts. 

In my soul some words and ideas like these have been germinating for years, perhaps decades, and when they leap to the forefront of my consciousness and into my actions it is possible that true genius will be revealed...  The best years, words and actions are ahead of me.  Time to take action, ignore the 'nay-sayers', strike down the inner demons.  Carpe Diem.

My comments below each thought describe all that I feel that is powerful, precious and wonderous in our world.  I share this with you and your own passions...
 'And, If Not Now, Then When.  YOLO.'
'The only art that makes use of ALL the senses is the Culinary Arts.  I love the Chef that I have become...'

'My 'Table for Four' includes Albert Einstein, Thomas Jefferson, Michelangelo & DaVinci.  I'll have to cook because I don't know if I could follow the conversation...'

'and...You must be the change you wish to see in the world.'

'Artsy words from Kurt Vonnegut.  Also, 'So it goes.'  The oft-repeated refrain from Slaughterhouse-Five.  Three words that simultaneously accept and dismiss everything and encompass a whole way of life. In other, vulgar, words - 'Shit happens'.


'Making a difference requires one to, do.'

'Nuff said.'

'I adopted this as an example of working saute on a 12-burner stove in Lowell, Massachusetts @ La Boniche.  All star-burners were filled.  A 'wicked' busy night.  I needed a 13th burner!  I'd reached how far I could go...saute hell.'

'I need this tattooed on my forehead.  O.K.  Maybe on my - nevermind...'

'I read...happy, dependent, peaceful & thoughtful....  So, there you go.  Peace.'


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