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2012 Schedule for The Boulder Country Dinners

Chef Robert N. Corey/12Seasons Personal Chef & Sommelier Services
(photo courtesy of Christopher Davies, 2010)

The Boulder Country Dinner is a chance to dine on my cuisine within a 'Society' of dedicated foodies in a peaceful country home north of Boulder...  The fruits and vegetables are brought to you by Munson Farms of Boulder.  I, and my long-time crew at 12Seasons Personal Chef & Sommelier Services, will cook a fabulous seasonal, local and organic 7-course dinner, with appropriate wine service.  The menus will be seasonal to the time of the year and the meaning of the month. 

My food is procured and culled seasonally, is always (and has been since 1995) organic from local farmers, growers and ranchers.  I love working with seafood, ducks, hogs and cheeses, so I'll get those as I can but they will be heathly for us all.  My staff is comprised of my longtime Sous Chefs and students from the Denver Campus of Johnson & Wales University.  Jesse Slaughter, Sommelier for 12Seasons provides expert and excellent wine pairings and specialty mixology.

Cost is $100.00 per person.  Come for one dinner or come for them all, but do come to the country and enjoy the season...!  The best restaurant in Boulder County is in the Country.  Peace.

The planned dates for the 2012 Boulder Country Dinners:
May 12
June 23
July 21
August 18
September 22
October 20
November 10
December 8
December 31

‘The devil is in the details! Chef Robert Corey¹s Boulder Country Dinner series is the equivalent of having your bucket list meal – and best of all you get to repeat the experience every month!  Guitarists call Hendrix a guitar player's guitarist.  Chefs call Robert Corey a Chef's Chef! What else can be said about gourmet cuisine, wine and fellowship in this bucolic country setting? Jump on it, you will be happy you did!’  ~Christopher J. Davies, Co-Founder, Editor & Publisher - Wine Country International® Magazine & VinoTasting

The Boulder Country Dinner series continues with a Food & Wine pairing on Saturday, the 12th of May, 2012 at 6:00 p.m.  Once again we will be at the country house in Niwot, Colorado.  I invite you to come to our table to dine with us in the country!!!

We will set a table for 20 guests.  Seated together you will dine communally, outdoors or indoors as the weather permits.  The fashionable concepts of a Seasonal Menu a la Slow Food, Farm-to-Table, Local and Organic, are integrated within one vision – my food is carefully and caringly sourced, prepared and served to you, usually with a French accent. 

 The Dinner will be composed of seven-courses of Nouvelle classics paired with wines – all with seasonal tones.  The wine service will be a tasting of novel and boutique wineries that deserve our attention.  My plates and bowls are beautiful, small, multiple course creations in a casual and relaxed setting - it will not be fine dining, but the dining will be fine.  Please advise us of any special seating needs or dietary requirements.  The cost is $100.00 per person (including wine service), paid in advance to secure your place at the table. 

So…Who’s coming for dinner?   Peace.
Chef Robert N. Corey
For reservations call 303-667-3768 or send remittance to:

Chef Robert N. Corey
P.O. Box 270487
Louisville, Colorado 80027

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