Wednesday, March 21, 2012

'Live to Eat, Eat to Live'

Hello, world!  So, I'm Pre-Diabetic.  May end up being one of the best things for me...  I have been reading 'The Omnivoires Dilemma' by Michael Pollan and now have recently begun working with my notes on 'The Blood Sugar Solution' by Mark Hyman, M.D.  I had an epiphany towards food production in America and now I am working hard to purge those toxins from my body and begin to eat of the earth...  I used to live to eat but now I eat to live.  Here is my plan:

1.      See a Nutritionist.  Check.

2.      Buy and eat 100% Organic.  A constant work in progress.

3.      Eat the good carbs from plants such as fruit, nuts, grains and beans.  Never thought I would embrace this one!

4.      Lots of Vegetables need my attention.  Raw or lightly cooked.  I can do this!

5.      Protein from fish and lean chicken, brown rice, sweet potatoes and quinoa.  Omega 3 fats from algae, nuts, avocado, coconut oils.  There is so much more variety in the plant world, anyway.  We can only eat so many dead animals.  I will never give up on PORK!  I will just seek out heritage and organic raised animals to devour..

6.      Filtered water, only.  Enough said.

7.      Eat early, Eat often.  I kind of like eating so this gives me more chances to do that! :)

8.      Exercise.  Working doesn't count.  Walking Lucy (the St. Bernard) is o.k.  Running and biking is better.  Joining the local gym is not happening.  Time to hit the saddle and the road, man...

9.      Relax, meditate, do yoga…  We'll see.

Here are my food rules:

1.      Do not eat from boxes, cans or bags.  If it has a label, throw it out.

2.      If you do eat from the above, eat products with less than 5 ingredients.

3.      NO white flour or white sugar.

4.      NO high fructose corn syrup.

5.      NO hydrogenated trans-fats.

6.      NO corn or soy oils.

7.      No unrecognizable ingredients.

8.      NO MSG or food dyes.

9.      NO artificial sweeteners.

10.  Eat from the earth only.

11.  We are what we eat, eats.

See you on the healthy side of life!  Peace

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